Bhakti Vriksha


ISKCON Coventry introduces "Bhakti vriksha (BV) course" which is currently being held at different locations in houses of devotees, 2 hours a week for 9 weeks, BV is offering training in Krishna consciousness through flexible & interactive Satsang,

BV provides focus on Individual members, upward growth for all, versatile – open to all religions, cultures & age groups, It generates sense of belonging, fosters good relations, works in small groups of devotees, and offers personal 1-2-1 spiritual counselling & care.

ISKCON Coventry is holding 5 groups every week listed below. If you would like to join a bhakti vriksha please contact Vidura Das on 0777 326 5809.

Gaura Mandal : Mondays Servant Leader Patita Pavan Das/Avtar Prabhu

Nitai Mandal : Tuesdays Servant Leader Nandarai Das & Nanda Rani Dd

Advaita Mandal : Tuesdays Servant Leader Pranava Das & Satya Mataji

Gadadhar Mandal : Wednesdays Servant Leader Gurusevak Das, Anuragi Dd & Bhakta Hitesh 

Srivas Mandal : Wednesdays Servant Leader Vidura Das & Vidura Rani Dd Coventry

“This is a wonderful programme for making spiritual advancement by all – the ones conducting it and the ones attending it. It is very interactive, structured and carefully thought out, As a devotee of some thirty years, just to go through the training conducted by Gurusevak and then running the first session at my house a few days later was exciting and very rewarding for me, then imagine the joy of those who were participating. Everyone involved realises they are benefiting and making real progress. I recommend it to anyone.  So if you’re not already part of it then join a BK group immediately and don’t miss out ! ”

- Vidura Das


Bhakti Vriksha Groups discussing Srila Prabhupadas books








Daily Programme


Temple opening times

Monday - Friday

Mangal Arti

Shringar Arti

Gaura Arti

Shyan Arti

  04:30 - 09:00 AM

  07:30 AM

  07:30 PM

  08:30 PM

Saturday Mangal Arti

04:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Sunday Feast

3 PM -  6PM



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